“If only I had a more versatile class…”

My ponderances at the Burger Box have lead me to wonder what it was that made me pick the [Adventurer] class to begin with.

In fact, my memories of when I first accepted the system are somewhat hazy, now. It has only been two years, but I was so caught up in the exhilaration of starting a new phase of my life that I remember almost none of the specifics.

Why [Adventurer?] Why did I want a class that required such vague Class Actions? Had I been a [Hunter,] a [Lord,] even a [Butler,] surely I’d have had a much wider variety of Class Actions I could take here on Earth. But I had to pick [Adventurer.]

“Why don’t you switch classes, then?” Francis asks.

We are headed out of the Burger Box and back into Delta’s horseless carriage. Again, she sits in the front, while Francis and I sit in the back.

“Don’t forget to buckle up,” he adds, forcing me to attach this seat belt.

“This infernal thing is useless against a real monster,” I say. “I hate it.”

“Well, it’s better than getting thrown out the window.”

I sigh. “As for your question of class-switching, it is possible only when one has possession of a Sorting Scepter, the magical item that grants system access to beings on Mystix. I will go ahead and assume those do not exist on Earth.”

“Good assumption,” Delta says.

“Plus, if you switch your class, your level resets to 1, and your rank resets to F. You essentially start from the beginning all over again. I do not wish to do that, even if it is possible to add an entirely new set of helpful cards to your Destiny Deck by doing so.”

The horseless carriage begins to move, with Delta steering it. We go back onto a busy street filled with many other horseless carriages. I wonder, do they even have horses in this world?

“Where are we going?” Francis asks.

“I’m dropping you two off at your house,” Delta responds. “The old ball and chain wants me back for dinner. We’re having broccoli casserole.”

“And broccoli casserole is more important than helping Eryk?!”

“He has nine days left to heal himself. We have plenty of time.”

“I agree with the woman,” I say. “I am not worried about anything but finding opportunities to level up. My health is of no importance as of yet.”

“Well, fine, then…”

“One thing I am considering, though,” I say, “is discarding one of my Destiny Cards.”

“Huh? Why?”

“Oh, of course, I forgot to say. When you discard a card from your hand, you gain half its rank back in Destiny Points. Rounding down, that means my Rank 5 [Absorb] card is worth… 2 Destiny Points.”

“Oh, that’s exactly how much you need to level up, isn’t it? That’s great!” Francis exclaims.

“Of course, it would be foolish of me to waste the full heal that comes with a level-up when I still have so many Life Points left, so I will not discard this card and heal myself until things become dire. But either way, that is a great assurance that we will need no hurry for me to figure out how I can gain more Destiny Points.”

“Well, that’s pretty good,” Delta says. “But wh—”

I feel a sudden burst of air, and then—

A loud sound, like an explosion.

The entire horseless carriage is flying through the air, and, strapped into the vehicle, so are the three of us.

We tumble upside down and crash.