I have been chased many times before in my life, but this is perhaps the strangest time I have ever run from anything.

For one, it is in the middle of the Miller Lite Memorial Convention Center, inside its Vendor Hall where thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, are gathered in the greatest bazaar my eyes have ever shown me. There are so many people, so much going on, so many sounds and colors, paintings and “video games,” that I am having a hard time processing it all.

It’s too packed. Running away like this is the same as bolting through the middle of a battlefield, only you are not allowed to hurt anyone because everyone involved is presumably an innocent bystander.

I say presumably, because there are still plenty of armored individuals with swords, axes, and decks of cards that I assume are energy infused throwing weapons.

For two, I have to run with my hand holding Francis’s wrist. He’s not in shape and he’s dragging me down like crazy. Keeping him from the blue-uniformed officers, likely of the local militia or guard unit, creates an even greater burden on me.

“Stop! Halt!” a uniformed man shouts.

For how inconvenient the crowds are, at least they are hampering our pursuers just about the same amount.

I don’t have any Destiny Cards I can use to my advantage, and I certainly can’t throw around my sword wildly. So there isn’t anything I can do to stop them from pursuing me.


Ah yes, that’s right.

I do have an option—

My bow an arrow!

I draw my bow and arrow out from my inventory, poofing the items into my free hand almost instantly. I’m still running, still holding Francis’s wrist, but I’m doing a great job at setting all of this up.

You see, I am an expert at bowmanship, and that includes setting up a shot and firing my bow with just one hand. It’s a very valuable skill.

And I launch my arrow behind me to make sure that it stops the officers.

A fire arrow!

Everything behind me begins to burn.